Tuesday, July 8, 2014

WALK with 'The rhythm of life', DANCE to 'The rhythm of life', LEAP for 'The rhythm of life'.

The African Symbol

Centred in the composition of a piece, an African symbol/emblem is boldly outlined in black. Its message/symbolism - the name given to the piece.

Above that comes an uncontrolled splash of colour. A 'leap' of faith is taken; for the colours will contrast, yet compliment the dark symbolic form – brightening it and bringing verve to the sign! It is within and around the colour that the symbolic form is brought to life. The controlled against adhoc/un-controlled. The dark versus the bright. Meaning and purpose against un-rationalised freedom.  It is this notion which inspires the creation of each unique piece - juxtaposition with unity.

The Shiri Achu Art series of ‘The African Symbol’ is a new collection of art works I hope will educate (whilst adding colour and a modern flare) on the meanings of 'The African symbols'. Whether it is 'hope' we seek, 'humility with strength' we need at another vantage point in our life, 'greatness' we want to achieve etc... we must  LEAP for 'The rhythm of life'.

Shiri Achu Art
Framed Original Art Work

'Humility with strength' and 'Unity' are two of the pieces which will be exhibited for;
'The rhythm of life' Exhibition, which Opens Thursday 10th July 2014. 7pm-11pm

See below for further information.

WALK with 'The rhythm of life', DANCE to 'The rhythm of life', LEAP for 'The rhythm of life'.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

AFRIKKA RADIO INTERVIEW. Post '35InPrint: London' Exhibition, now take 35% off from Shiri Achu Art Limited Prints!!

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I hope you enjoyed the interview?!
If you are visiting my blog after listening to the interview with Mr Ernest Kanjo and myself on Afrikka Radio on Wednesday 7th May 2014 - YES! You can get 35% off these 5 items below.
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Shiri Achu Art Prints: Signed Limited Editions

Maasai tone
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Apologies that the website is currently down as its being updated.
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